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Shraddha Associates team provides one stop solutions for construction & interior designing of residential and commercial units.

Our services ranging from design to complete execution of project & after completion services.

Our focus lies on 4 main areas: conceptual interior design, renovation, execution as well as project management. We strive to create quality interior design works and provide total solutions with our transformative skills and expertise.

We provide the best support and professional advice to our client for their needs while we design the project. Rest assured that you will be kept abreast of the progress as we work together as a team.



• Rendering

• 2D/3D Modelling

• Modular & Semi-modular kitchen

• Wardrobe

• TV units & wall panelling.

• Wallpapers

• False ceiling(all type)

• Vertical garden design

• All type of glass work

• CNC cutting & engraving

• Kitchen accessories

• Furniture work

• Home Renovations

• All turnkey projects

• Electrical Work

• Civil Work



• Material for kitchen cabinets:- Plywood, MDF, HDF, Wood, Particle board


• Plywood - This is engineered wood made from sheets of veneer pressed with resins. Though on the slightly expensive side, this is the most preferred material in the kitchen for its strength. It has variants like Boiling Water Resistant Ply and Moisture Resistant (MR) Ply which work well in kitchens due to their resistance to water.


• A Medium - Density Fibreboard is made of small wooden fibres glued together with resins and hot-pressed. This is a budget-friendly option and can have any finish fitted on top. Since this is an engineered wood, it has a better chance of resisting termites and has a smooth finish.


•Pro tip: If you’re going for an MDF kitchen, you can always go for BWR ply for the cabinets below the sink.


• Particle board - Cheapest material available in the market, particle board is made from sawdust and waste wood which is one reason why people question its quality. Since this material is not light it cannot hold onto more weight. It is suitable where the kitchen is used for light cooking only.




• Laminate(high gloss & matte) - If you’re looking for an enduring finish, then laminates come to your rescue and are also easy on the pocket. It is also heat and moisture-resistant, making it the perfect match for a kitchen.

• Acrylic - acrylic finishes give it a luxurious touch with its glossy finish. However, this means that fingerprint marks, dirt and stains are more visible, and your kitchen cabinets will require regular cleaning. Also, this is an expensive variant in finishes.

• Membrane - If you’re looking for a mix of a durable yet elegant kitchen, membrane finish is a feasible option. It is hard-wearing and relatively easy to maintain. They are also easy to clean with a wet cloth and are not as expensive as an acrylic finish.

• PU - PU finish is basically painted over the shutter and can be glossy or matte.




• Hinged modular wardrobe- Also called Swing Door Wardrobes, this is the commonest wardrobe type where the shutter is attached to the carcass of the closet by a hinge.

• Pros- Hinged wardrobes are easy to install, easy to move around and also cheaper when compared to sliding ones. They can also easily fit into an L-shaped corner or asymmetric spaces.

• Cons- These wardrobes may look ordinary and need more clearance space to open and close.

• Sliding Modular Wardrobe

• As the name implies, Sliding Door Wardrobes glide horizontally on metal channels fixed to the top and bottom of the closet. These doors afford plenty of room since they just glide sideways and don’t open out. They are suitable for a single wall.

• Pros- Sliding wardrobes are space-saving, look classy and elegant and needless clearance space when compared with hinged ones.

• Cons- These wardrobes may not fit into asymmetrical rooms, and are comparatively expensive (2-3 times as much as a hinged wardrobe of a similar proportion). The sliding channels can sometimes not last very long if they are not sturdy.

• Walk-In Closet - Large bedrooms in apartments and bungalows.

• Pros- Walk-in wardrobes are classy, afford privacy and prevent spillage of clothing into the main bedroom.

• Cons- These wardrobes are quite expensive to build, and need additional space in the bedroom for storage



• Plaster of Paris false ceilings.

• Gypsum false ceilings.

• Wood false ceilings.

• Fibre false ceilings.

• Metal false ceilings.

• Glass false ceilings.

• PVC false ceilings.

• Fabric and synthetic leather false ceilings.




• Wall cladding can be done in various finish like brick,3d tiles, natural stone, now a days various 3d tiles are available in market which gives decent look similar to stone cladding.

• MDF/Plywood can be use for wall panelling & boxing

• TV cabinets can be made with various material like MDF ,HDF , Plywood.

• Finishes- Duco paint ,acrylic, laminate etc.

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