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    Municipality and Municipal Corporation are one the basic structure of administration in Indian Government system. There are many important issues like permission of building construction and developments are deal by Municipality. No person shall carry out any development work including development of land by laying out into suitable plots or development of any land as group housing scheme or to erect, re-erect or make alterations or demolish any building or cause the same to be done without first obtaining a separate building permit / commencement certificate for each such development work / building from the Planning Authority. To ensure the technical standard related with building construction, safety, construction completion; Municipality need Civil Engineers.

    Any plans, maps for construction, reconstruction, within the precincts of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation need to be validated by a building permission issued by the Building Permission Department of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC).
    If you are planning to construct home, commercial, apartment or any building in Bhopal, you will need to get the approval for your building plan sanction from BMC. For availing BMC plan approval you often needs to get in touch with the building plan sanction Engineer in Bhopal, now that can be not needed if you engage with us, Shraddha Associates. 

Required Documents for BBMP Building Plan Sanction:

   1. Prescribed application form for Building Permission.
   2. Notarised Registry of the Plot.
   3. Nazool N.O.C./BDA N.O.C./Housing Board N.O.C. ( whichever applicable)
   4. Affidavit for Building Permission
   5. Map/Site Plans ( A set of one original Film and seven Blue Prints)
   6. Municipal Corporation N.O.C. of respective Ward.
   7. Structural Stability Certificate of earthquake by competent structural Engineer/agency

Building Plan sanction service charges: 10 per sqft (Plan making, Online Submission, Corrections until plan sanction, Blueprint, Assistance) and Actual Government Charges. 


1. What is the validity period for Building Permission?
Building Permission granted by Nagar Nigam Bhopal is valid for one year. However it can be renewed for one more year thereafter a new permission is required if building is not constructed by this time.
2. What Penalty can be imposed if a building is constructed without approval or there is a violation of approved plan?
A. Penalty equivalent to 15-50 times of regular Building Permission fees can be imposed in these cases. 


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